Weird ATC actions--MY FAULT(pilot error)

I dont understand, i had just taken off from KLAX when the atc controller gave instructions for landing, obviously i continued with my flight plan to KNUC and was then told i need to check help pages…?? I dont understand why would i want to land when i just took off and he could clearly see my flight from KLAX to KNUC

Server? Is it PG?

No this was advanced about 4 hours ago

I’m guessing that you told the ATC that you were in the pattern which means flying around the airport and doing touch and goes. But you, departed elsewhere and climbed up to 12348 feet which is not ofcourse in a pattern.

So the ATC wasn’t/didn’t act weird.


No i literally got 1000ft off the ground then got intructions for pattern work, i acknowledged it assuming he made a mistake and was meaning another aircraft so i kept climbing and following my FPL making no turns except for the one you can see^^^ but i was not entering downwind i was flying down towards KNUC

You asked to remain in the pattern. The controller was therefore trying to provide ATC instructions on that basis. If you want to go somewhere else then you should have started departing north/south/east/west/


Hi @Embraer190 I was the controller at this time, I remember you :)

You requested takeoff stating that you was remaining in the pattern, this means that your intendending to stay in my airspace but in actual fact after you took off you had a flight plan taking you to KNUC I believe, if your not going to stay in the towers airspace(pattern) then please use the departing option, this is why I sent you the check help pages.





Oh sorry i didnt know that what “remaining in the pattern” meant i thought u say that when ur holding short of the runway i didnt know I was basically saying im gonna stay in your airspace, my apologies:)

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MaxSez. Good show admitted the Pilot Error Kai. Suggest next time this happens that you PM the Controller involved and resolve your differences privately. Airing a gripe on the public space is Bad JuJu.


I didnt know who the guy was so it wouldve been impossible to pm him

Another lesson learned Kai. ID’ing the Controller is a simple task. Just tap the airport icon and the data required will appear. If you can’t retrieve the data because of workload just PM an ATC supervisor with the time/location and gripe they’ll help resolve the issue. Max

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Im just making mistake after mistake ahah:(

We learn from mistakes Kai. The important thing is we keep learning and move on. Max

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True btw one question how do. Actually check atc help pages?

Their in the archive. Use the magnifying glass at the top of the Forum home page to search for them. Max

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