Weird “anti-gravity” Glitch

I don’t know if anyone said anything about this but during replay sometimes my aircraft will fly up at a rapid rate. It happens on the a330F UPS at KSFO when I was trying the update out… and it’s hard to explain. I can’t upload a video of it but it is on my recent on Instagram. I have a 2 minute long video of the incident needed to help better understand the situation and glitch.

Instagram : @Acaviation4138

I’m also curious about freecam, I don’t know if it was removed but it’s difficult to zoom in and that’s a feature I use on almost every movie I create so that’s another glitch or something. Thank you for your time.!

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Dm me more about it on my IG. You already may know it. I need to hear more of this.

Just like Tyler suggested, reinstall Infinite Flight. This update impacted graphical and aircraft issues on most of our devices. I hope this helps.

Have a look:

That should not only apply for the Airbus A330. You can restart your device if this problem continues.

Known to me. It’s what happens when you lose connection to the server at some times and it makes you look like you’re slewing out as in FSX.

I did reinstall the game

I was next to the WiFi box and it happens every time at a certain time on the replay. I had full connection.

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