Weird airport

Today I was flying into Madeira Airport, and when I flew into it, I noticed something very odd. There was no runway number, and after I touched down, the plane started magically floating above the ground. Then just as I was getting off the runway I saw no taxi lines. Something is even weirder is that part of the airport was actually floating. Has anyone else had this problem before? Why does it occur?

Sometimes the ground “disappears” (common at all airports, not specific to this one). I have had experienced issues like this before at this airport as well as others and I was able to solve it by clearing my scenery cache and a soft reset of my device.

The floating part might be a bug but when I have landed there, there were taxi lines leading of the runway same with the runway number.

I’ve had this problem before at Mountain air Airport with the 208.

Ok. I’ll try that, and now when I go into replay part of the airport isn’t even showing.

Is it just a certain plane or is it every plane?

It seems as if there was an issue with loading the airport in. Usually when this happens I think the scenery around it isn’t fully loaded. Did you try clearing your scenery cache?

Now that I cleared the scenery cache, the numbers are there, but part of the ramp is still missing.

Yes I’ve done that.

How’s your connection? You need a stable connection to be able to retrieve that scenery in that area and all areas.

Did you perform a soft reset of the device as I advised?

It’s ok, kind of medium I guess.

That can definitely contribute to it. To ensure this doesn’t happen again I recommend to have a stable internet connection if you can. This explains why it may happen here and there. If you experience it again just try and clear your scenery cache. This usually occurs if you scroll to the end of your replay at your destination and everything is still loading in.

I fly with great connection and it still happens.

Yeah I just scrolled to the end so that might be the reason.

Oh it was in replay when you experienced this? That explains it. Usually when you switch to a location that’s not loaded in it takes time for it to load in full level as that area wasn’t loaded in before you scrolled there.

No it happened when I was flying too, and even when the plane was floating the spoilers were still on. @infiniteflight_17

This just happened to me as well at ZULS. the aircraft is like floating and it’s hard to control movement. I also got the GPWS callouts 3 NM away from the airport but there was no terrain…

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