Weird Airport in the scenery?

So if you noticed there is an airport in the scenery idk what is the ICAO code of it, Can anyone send a pic of it in real life?


Where are you flying?

You didn’t give your location. Use your plane’s lat/long location and Google it.


Do what @Jb431 said to do and you will probably find out

That’s MCAS El Toro. A decommissioned military base.

It’s probably a disused airport, without a clearer idea of where you are it’s gonna be hard to find out.

Also I suggest you speed up a bit. 217kts at 32,000ft is very slow for a 777 especially one that has been loaded up with 70% fuel for a 4 hour flight. They typically cruise at 0.84. So you are approximately 0.20 Mach too slow. I also suggest you add about 20-30 percent trim.

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I forget is was slow 😂

Hahahaha, you destroyed him. But let’s be honest, 70% of IF players don’t know most of what you said xD

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If I may, I’d like to provide some insight into why certain disused airfields may not have airport scenery. The most simple explanation is that it’s policy to remove any disused airports from the collection of airport data. That probably raises more questions than it answers. First, certain particularly notable disused airports will likely remain in indefinitely such as Kai Tak, the 62 airports in Berlin, and Istanbul’s old one.

As to why we remove or don’t add closed airfields, this is to more easily prioritize the tens of thousands of computer generated airports we need to edit manually. The other reason for this is because closed airports require a code in the files, and this can mess with some things on our end. It’s generally not a huge deal, but keeping everything orderly where possible is a good idea.

Finally, I do support adding charted closed airfields as they are often marked as emergency landing areas. Of course properly edited airports would be a better place to land a plane, so I won’t more seriously suggest these be added until most (if not all) other airports are done.

Hope that gives some perspective :)


Thanks for informing me!

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