Weird Airport in the scenery?

So if you noticed there is an airport in the scenery idk what is the ICAO code of it, Can anyone send a pic of it in real life?


Where are you flying?

You didn’t give your location. Use your plane’s lat/long location and Google it.


Do what @Jb431 said to do and you will probably find out

That’s MCAS El Toro. A decommissioned military base.

It’s probably a disused airport, without a clearer idea of where you are it’s gonna be hard to find out.

Also I suggest you speed up a bit. 217kts at 32,000ft is very slow for a 777 especially one that has been loaded up with 70% fuel for a 4 hour flight. They typically cruise at 0.84. So you are approximately 0.20 Mach too slow. I also suggest you add about 20-30 percent trim.

I forget is was slow 😂

Hahahaha, you destroyed him. But let’s be honest, 70% of IF players don’t know most of what you said xD