Weird Aircraft Disappearing Glitch?

I was Tower and Ground at EHAM on Training.
Suddenly I lost all aircraft on both frequencies.

When I logged out and back in after a while, I got them back, but then aircraft started disappear one by one.
The aircraft I saw on Ground weren’t there on Tower.

I don’t have Internet issues.
The aircraft disappearing one by one makes it look like there’s some other traffice issue or server issue.

Earlier I saw an aircraft that was at the gate starting to float upward, then down again and even through the ground, before disappearing as well.

Any ideas?

I faced the same problem when i was on KJFK yesterday on both ground and tower as well. You can ask @Tyler_Shelton and @schyllberg

Oops… ;)



A server restart explains it then! 😉

Could you close the topic?


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