Weird aircraft behavior

I was on final into Zurich a few minutes ago (WizzAir A320) from Budapest, and a mere seconds before wheels on the runway, my aircraft was thrown vertically up and down, into the runway, and higher into the air. It did not seem at all like a glitch, it was as if someone had control over my aircraft and was dragging it around. The Tower Controller at Zurich (expert server) may have been a witness to this, seeing as they told me to go around after the incident had occurred.
Does this happen to other people?

Were the winds high?

Im not throwing out the possibility of a hacker…
But I don’t think it’s possible in Infinite Flight


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You probably encountered some kind of terrain glitch… nothing more, nothing less.


Do you have a video of this? Are you using a joystick or yoke?

No, the winds were calm, and I’ve experienced suddenly very strong winds on final many times before, but, respectfully, this was nothing like that. My aircraft was facing down towards the runway in some instances.

That’s pretty wild. I’ve not encountered anything like this going into Zurich.

I was about to screen record, but I thought it would be over by the time I started recording.

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Ok. And then were you using a joystick?

I’m not using any exterior item, just my device.

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Did it happen to occur when you turned off APPR or AP prior to landing?

Without any video theres nothing to really look at. You can try to take off and do a pattern and see if you can recreate it but otherwise theres nothing really to do.

But @schyllberg is right that it could have been a terrain issue. A restart should solve it.

As i said… the behavior you describe is known to happen in certain cases.


I also use my device. Nothing’s happened to me going to Zurich. I’m not entirely sure hacking is possible, but it’s ruled out.

APPR was on during the whole extended final, and when I went around, it was normal on my second time.

It is ruled out or it’s not ruled out?

Yeah aircraft/terrain glitches have happened to me sometimes when I’m in Boston, DCA, Denver, and SFO, but none of them have actually moved my aircraft almost completely out of my control

Here’s a repro for you;

  • Take an F-22 or any fighter, climb up to FL300 or something.
  • Full throttle and pitch down. Plunge right into the ground.

Voila! If you’re lucky, you’ll end up in orbit.

Only do this in Solo


I didn’t end up in orbit, it wasn’t to that extent

No, he’s saying try that at Zurich in Solo.

No, i know.
But this is what can happen if you encounter unexpected topography.

I know a few who had the similar thing when we had the small hill in front of runway 22 at KLGA

I’m not sure how this is related, but there’s a huge hill sitting in front of RWY22 at LGA. It’s impossible for anyone to take off from RWY4 or land from RYW22. I first encountered this because it’s nearly invisible and I was rotating and got the “CRASH” screen.

Oh never mind @schyllberg just mentioned that - by the way, is it fixed?