Weird 787 Gear Glitch

So I was messing around in a 787, and I tried to land with no gear. Infinite Flight thought I had gear, but it would not let me deploy it.
iPhone 7+
IOS 9.3.1

You were on the ground, hence, the gear won’t come down.


Not sure that’s a glitch- if you’re on the ground the gear can’t move

No but it was weird. I kept tapping the gear button, and it kept undoing it self. I could use reverse, brakes, and even spoilers with no gear displayed.

Yep, again, the gear won’t deploy after it hit’s an object i.e. the ground.

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Restart the app or restart your device

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Let me show you…Brb

As you can see I did it here, but not there.

When you try deploying it, does it retract after hitting/touching the ground?

Try Just taking off so it comes up then bring down the gear and land like normal it does this to me if you land too fast. It happens a lot it the graphics that could be changed to fix it also If the made a DLC for that I would pay for the 3d graphics.

Also IMO it’s not a huge problem as you’re not landing with your gear up… ;)

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Good point I do have to give the pilot credit for landing gear up.

Did you hit the replay button then go back to the flight if so this will happen