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Hello all, I plan on doing an extremely long flight, but I have run into issues when it comes to fuel and weight.

I’ll be flying Delta 201 from FAOR to KATL, in a 777-200LR, this is a real world flight (around 16 hours.)
I do plan on step climbing.
Total weight is 737,634 LBS’s, and 325,349LBS of that is fuel, which should last me 18:19 hours, this is the max of the 777-200LR, and I wanted to go full fuel incase of any issues I have (eg Go arounds, winds)
Will I be good? Any suggestions?

You say you’re step climbing, so I think you’ll be okay. Obviously don’t climb too high too fast, or fly at M0.9, but you should be safe to make it to Atlanta.


I suggest you set VS to 1500 and climb to FL300 initially.
Cruise M 0.84
You will be at 93% load on takeoff so you need to burn off a fair amount of fuel before climbing any higher than FL300.


I’m currently at 85% load, and 1:30 into the flight, when should I begin my second climb and to what altitude and speed? Keep in mind that I will most likely be asleep in 1:30.

so you don’t plan on sleeping yes?

because if this is overnight flight, idk if able to making it (I’m talking overnight irl)

Next step FL320 after flying 2000-2500 nm. How many nm have you flown?
Cruise speed M 0.84

I don’t understand, if you’re asking if its an overnight, yes.

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750, you can track me here.

The aircraft is maintaining a safe behaviour, like, its cruising at M 0.83 without putting much pressure on the engines, and its AOA is around 2.5 degrees.

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Would it be to early to start cruising to 33000? Following the playback of the last real world flight, it started climbing to 33000 around where I am now.

No like do you plan on sleeping during this flight?

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It wouldn’t be an overnight flight if I didn’t.


The last flight you did was the same route/distance?
It’s up to you. But to be on the safe side regarding stall and fuel issue I would have stayed on a lower alt.

No, I mean, the playback of the flight using FLightRadar24

Ah, well that depends on weight and IRL isn’t always IF.
Just climb slow and observe N1 when reaching FL330.
High N1 = high fuel burn

@Josh_Tomaz. MaxSez: For Weight, heavy in the rear bin, Compensate with Trim for center of balance. Figure fuel burn miles/burn rate=Gross… Here’s a great fuel planner, insure you Extrapolate for burn & alternate.

http://fuelplanner.com/. 2 programs in n this App Fule/Load Sheet, use both.



@Josh_Tomaz what’s your callsign?

Thanks for that Max, I will sure use it in future.
When you say compensate with trim, if my aircraft is pitching upwards, I should trim negative to get a stable AOA?

Delta 201 Heavy, I’m currently just off the east cast.

Other than that, My load is 36% and I’ve got 600NM remaining, should I begin the final climb from 36000 to 38000?

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Yeesh, So I’m about to fly from Auckland to Doha in a 777-200LR, this is a real world route, operated by the 777-200LR, the only problem is this…
The 777-200LR can get you an estimated 18:19 of flight time.
The flight, at its average, is 18:05 hours. That’s around 14 minutes of ‘extra’ fuel, (According to IF)
Should I be good?

You should look at wind formats to better your fuel efficiency, if you have a wind in your favour you can often over do.

Yep, so I have a maximum of 60KT headwinds over Australia, and then my route takes me up towards India, along the Malay Peninsula, where winds are calm with some 16kt tailwinds. Once I’m over India, I’m expecting some more headwinds, max of 90KT’s.

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