Weight restrictions of A318 & A319 mixed up

I may be wrong with this one, but I’m pretty sure, that the MTOW and MLW of the A318 and the A319 got mixed up.
I noticed, that the A318 has a MTOW of 78 tonnes while the A319 has just 68 tonnes?
I checked on wikipedia and - I know it’s not a 100% reliable source - but it says it should be the other way round. And as far as logic goes, I think the bigger A319 should be capable of a bit more than our beloved babybus, shouldn’t it?

Not a big problem, but rather a slight inconvenience, as the auto land doesn’t work on the A319, even though it is lighter than the actual MLW…

Has anyone else noticed that?

Aside from this tiny little flaw an absolutely awesome update, especially the taxiway markings!


Autoland does work for the A318/319. I tried it!

@LSZH34 I’m sorry, the last part isn’t clearly explained by me. Of course, it works brilliantly, but because the A319 has the MLW and MTOW of the A318 and vice versa, when the A319 has a - in real life - correct landing weight, it says “auto land disabled b/c aircraft overweight”, even though the weight should be perfectly fine.

The actual bug here is the mix up of the weight restrictions for the two aircrafts tho.

Hope this makes it clearer for you. It’s probably a bit too complicated explained, it’s easier for me to explain in German if you want…

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No I know what you mean. Understood it wrong in the first place :) Thanks

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Correct, they did mess up the weight & balance settings for the A318 and A319. This is what it’s supposed to be:

A318 MTOW: 68,000 kg
A318 MLW: 57,000 kg

A319 MTOW: 75,000 kg
A319 MLW: 62,000 kg