Weight & Balance

Is it possible during flight to take off , weight then at the appropriated times learn until light at destination? I am asking this because I tried it, maybe not correctly, and the aircraft took off straight up like the Saturn VV!!
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I think you need to use negative trim

The reaction was catastrophic, no action … Straight up

Yes but only decrease the fuel load as passenger and cargo would remain the same . And do it in increments during the flight. Or that will be the result just like a fire tanker that drops its pay load.

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Indeed. Thank-you, that was my error … Only reduce fuel not cross board. Then do I press recalibrate, or is synchronized enabled sufficient?

Incrementally, like every hour, or what is your experience?

Synchronized enabled is adiquite. I always recalibrate any time I pause but that’s up to you.

Just do it in quarters. unless you want to do the actual fuel calculation.

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Just as a side note, that would be a cool Tool in the fp, deciding fuel load per destination, main reason most of the industry has totally reshaped the wing!

Could even grade yourself on efficiency per km