Weight/Balance Pax Capacity

This is a small thing that just popped into my heads: Sometimes the pax capacity is low for some aircraft. For example, the max pax he game allows into the 767-300 is 204, which is around the 2-class configuration for the 767-200. I think 767-300 3-class config. is 220-230 or so.

Also, I’m not sure the exact number but the 747-8 can carry more than 425 pax (Number is in the upper 400s).

Basically, some aircraft in IF don’t have thr capability to carry max possible configuration (LCCs, etc.)

I gotta work on remembering the standard pax configuration amounts for aircraft 😁.

Long live the DC-9!

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The most capable version of the Lufthansa 747-8i can carry up to 386 passengers (three class configuration).
Air China’s 747-8i carries maximum 365 passengers.
About the 767-300(ER) you’re right, nearly all of them can carry more than 220 passengers.

Just went on wikipedia and saw that 747-8 can carey 605 pax max. Even thiugh no airline may configure their plane like that (God forbid they ever do), it is a possible config I think should be included.

Here a better example than the 747-8.

Boeing 757-200 carries 239 instead of 204 (Cough cough European lesiure carriers).

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Aircraft Configuration, It’s a good thing. Remember for Commercial Air Pax weight includes there baggage weight as well. Even though baggage get weigh at check in only an average weight is applied to the W&B formula for the load factor. Back in the day when I was running the numbers at AmWest we used the Company’s establish Wt factor of 200 lbs per Pax/Baggage for the A320 for example. So I suggest using the 200 Lb average for your number crunching when you compute load factors if your a protectionist. People have gotten fatter and carry on more today so I’m sure the average is much higher. (Anybody know today’s standard?). Also Fuel is computed in pounds not gallons or liters, Question of the Day; How much does 1 gallon of AvGas or JP weigh? Max Sends

Do you mean in a standard three class or an all economy configuration

I’m interested in seeing the capacity for some aircraft being raised to maximum 28 in. pitch economy only seating, AKA max capacity certified.

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All economy. Now that’s a Super “Trash Hauler” Boeing. The new Commercial Air slogan is “Mo Money” pls.

Cue Spirit Airlines and Ryanair. Might as well throw in easyJet, Allegiant Air, and Wizzair

From my understanding, Spirit Airlines is the truest of the ULCCs. Who else puts a 28 in. pitch in their cabin?

The rest have 29 right?

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EasyJet, AirAsia, Germanwings 29 inches. Ryanair, Wizzair, Vueling, TUIfly 30 inches.

Wow Ryanair, Wizzair, Vueling and TUIfly are more forgiving than I thought…

easyJet, Air Asia sounds right. Germanwings is worse than I thought though…


Long live the DC-9!

This seems more like a “general” discussion? I don’t see any connection to it needing support? Little things like this aren’t really in need of being in the support category. Support is for technical problems such as crashes, or needing help with the apps operations. :)

I see. Ok thanks for the clarification.

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These are all relative because they are not using one airline. They are making a estimated weight across the board.

I know. And that’s not what I’m talking about.

Yes they are making a “round” number. But what I’m interested in is having the polar extremes-The absolute highest and lowest amount of pax per plane.

And the Boeing 767-300 in NO way has an average pax capacity of 204. It can carry more than 204 pax in 3-class config. More business oriented cabins (Such as Open Skies’ Boeing 757-200) could carry 204 pax but AFAIK, the only trans-Atlantic business Boeing 767s were Boeing 767-200s and those have been gone for 6-10 years or so.

Only planes like that now are the La Compagnie Boeing 757-200s and British Airways Airbus A318-100s and in the future, Odyssey Airlines’ Bombardier CS100s, the SAS Boeing 737-700 GOH-IAH service, and the PrivatAir Airbus A320 Family aircraft flying for Lufthansa and other European airlines.

That is an extremely small amount of business oriented planes flying.

For the record ANA does fly a 737-700ER from Tokyo to an Indian city (New Delhi?).

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