Weight & Balance for DXB-LAX

I want to do a flight from Dubai-Lax in a 777-300 ER but I want to know what my weight and balance has to be to complete the flight without crashing thanks!

Some good tools to use are either:

These calculate the best route, and the fuel needed for each flight.


Simbrief should be able to help you with all your doubts, and provide the best information :)

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Okay thanks!
Happy landings

I usually fill all the tanks up to max and I just go if I get there I get there If I don’t I don’t 😛


That’s not a very smart way to do things 🤨

I once did that flight, I had all tanks full, and 20 passengers.

That’s what I do and it works :)

I actually do that A LOT!

I always do that!

I’m sure it works, but I doubt it does to the most efficient and realistic extent. Loading twice as much fuel as you need makes you very overweight, which reduces your efficiency. You also miss out on all of the fun of flight planning ;)

Very true but it works a lot!

Sometimes, when I do that, I end up having to glide to a tiny airport, refuel and leave…
That’s how I did a flight from MMMX to OMDB in a 747-200…

Math really has nothing to do with it. If you go to https://fpltoif.com/simbrief you can generate a fully detailed flight plan in 5 minutes.

Oh, thank you so much!

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