Weight and Balance bug

I found about this one today.
The weight and balance changes every time by itself, and it doesn’t locks the weight of each individual aircraft as it did until yesterday.
IE: The Normal weight for the A319 is around 60000kgs, but if I pass to the A318, its weight is over MLW, at the normal weight of the A319.

I don’t know if this affects only myself or a broader audience, so the ways to reproduce this might not work for others.

How to reproduce:
Open Infinite Flight.

Spawn with an A318 and set its weight to Normal.

Select the A319 and you’ll see the A318’s Normal weight.

Change back to the A318 and check the weight, it’ll be over MLW, the normal weight for the A319.

The sinchronize button is on, if that helps. I turned it off but it turned on by itself.
I also bought the A346 and changed its weight, I don’t know if that helps either.

Samsung Galaxy S5.
Android 5.
No root nor jailbreak.

I think this is only across the A320 family aircraft because they share the same weight and balance settings.

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It also happened on the 737-700/800.

It happens, if you put in weights on an A321, it will transfer to the 318. It’s like a maximum load percentage of around 192%.

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I don’t have the A321.

This happened to me I was in a C208 with 64% weight then went into an a321 & it had 28% weight but the last time I flew an a320 family aircraft it was 50% weight & that was an a321. So my weight changes every aircraft I change into but it is all the same weight in every aircraft…


The A321 is free…

I know. But I didn´t download it.

Is this a usual bug?

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It is, not sure what kind of fix, if any is coming down the line though.

It started happening after buying a new aicraft. I bought some more and the game started freezing. Deleted every data of the game from my phone.
I hope to have killed two birds with the same shot by doing that.

I don’t have the freezing problem, just the improper W&B values.

Do you use a Samsung device?

Apple iPhone 6

Well that explains some things. Thanks.

Not even a factory reset managed to solve that. It affects only the A320 family and the 737-700/737-700BBJ. At least it solved the freezing.

Known bug, @Nick_Art reported it once :)

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Any idea what could be causing it?

it’s because their aircrafts of the same family or something, not really sure tho, matt would need to look into it but I guess he’s too busy now.

@dush19 I did but thwy couldn’t have known ;)

@carmalonso, close this for being a duplicate (I even commented on the original post). And please tell me if flags reset every year.