Weekly TSATC schedule for training server

Why did I think of this? Every time I want to fly on the training server I always see ATC at either EGLL or KJFK or KLAX and this always gets on my nerves because I can’t fly anywhere else with ATC and now since there is TSATC I thought there should be a weekly schedule for TSATC on the training server just like the expert server IFATC even if the two weekly schedules are similar it should not be a problem.

The beauty of the training server is that people are free to train and try out ATC when and wherever they want. There is a TSATC group who do stick to a schedule and you can find that here, TSATC Schedule 17-23 June 2019

These are controllers training for IFATC so the quality may not be as good as expert but not far off. This is as far as we’ll get to a TSATC schedule for a while as there is no way of enforcing it in TS


The main priority of the training server is for pilots and atc to train. If the training has restrictions put in place like the expert server then it really isn’t a “training” server anymore.

Oh and there is already a schedule which is posted weekly by the TSATC.

And #features are for in-app features :)