Weekly poem #2, 3 and 4 'Qualifications'

Knowledge is your ability to find and ask
Bravery is your ability to face and challenge

Both are important to the existence and creation of a pilot
If one were to be missing, I will feel worried

Being inquisitive is okay, ask away in any way!
We are here to help you, not to scare you.

But find your answer first, then ask such thing that shall be in your mind.

Being brave is important
You’re the pilot, you’re the leader, without you we are frozen.

If you have these two, I salute you and hope you continue to your foreseeable destiny!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to another weekly poem, although I have missed a few weeks so I’m sorry for that.

The reason for this poem is to show why finding, asking, facing and challenging is an important aspect to being a pilot. Which means being lazy and scared will not help you become a pilot whatsoever (this can be associated to real life and possibly in-game).

This is only my second topic for this adventure, so again feel free to correct me whether you’re a regular or not if there were to be any wrongs with this poem.


Obviously have missed a few weeks I haven’t seen this before!

It reminds me of the perks of this community like @Maxmustang and @Marc 🤠

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Thanks for liking the topic as soon as it came out :/.

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Infinite Flight Community… Not poem writing class. Nice effort though! Not the place for poems though. Thanks!