Weekly poem #1 'Proactivity and Reactivity'

Proactivity is the prevention of conflict
Reactivity is the complete opposite

Understanding and confusion
Both are existent

Aviation in particular is all about proactivity
never underestimate the power of prevention

To the disagreement of such statement,
I say ‘farewell for the bite shall come one way or another’.

I’ve made this poem for the reason of spreading proactivity (to which it means to prevent something) throughout aviation, whether pilot or Air Traffic Control.

These weekly poems will come every Saturday or Sunday, to which I’ll try to come up with something in the mean time. Delays are inevitable, so expecting such deadline is an even chance.

Hope you like my first poem! If possible, any improvements is dearly appreciative.

This is also my first topic, so if there is anything wrong feel free to say it here or through privately messaging me.


That was good!

And, you’re absolutely right about the proactivity vs reactivity thing.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Great poem!

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Thank you for the compliment :/.

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Well this is… Unique.



Well, I came up with a poem and built the courage to make it :/.


This is well constructed, deep in meaning.

It’s a very unique style, definitely rare in poetry. It’s not unheard of, but many of us expect it to rhyme, so don’t put yourself down, because someone doesn’t understand.

Am looking forward to the next one!


I’d say this is a cool series, not seen many people with infinite flight poems!


Thanks for the advice! Pretty much every poem maker in historic times will probably have a lot of feedback for such poem like this, but I don’t know them to which I hope to find out later and it seems like everyone enjoyed the poem somehow :/.

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Yeah, I’ll see how this goes throughout the coming weeks. I never knew that people didn’t think of this :/. The struggling part is relating it to aviation, but It’s manageable.

Actually, I found this:

Pretty much better than mine, but I’m getting there :/.


Virtually every poet had mountains of critisicm, then, now, tomorrow. Many talented writers were only appreciated after their death!

That poem I also saw and it had a nice rhyme. Your styles are different, though, making both works of literature at equal value.

Keep on writing!

Also, Your username reminds me of a name Homer, the legendary writer from ancient times. Coincidence?

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Total coincidence. Ever since I came up with this name, I gave my undying loyalty to use it where I go. I guess sticking with it for all this time led to this point :/.


I immediately saw that when TaipeiGuru informed me. Thanks again for such gratitude, I can’t comprehend why this would happen but I’m not going to question it :/.


Those writing poems are always right to do it and share them. Understanding poems is sometimes difficult, but it is important to value them nonetheless. I am convinced that writing them (daring to write them) is much needed in our world.
Thanks for that.

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