Weekly Photo Competitions - Any Thoughts?

Hi Community-

As some of you may know, I’m in the process of fully founding an Infinite Flight Photographers / Infinite Flight Photo Editing group. For our team to be more involved in the community, I’ve decided to ask for your thoughts on creating a weekly photo competition.

What's in it for Me?

Well, while we won’t be able to give out monetary prizes, your photo will be featured on the front page of our website (that will be released later today / tomorrow). Your photo will also be on the top post of the weekly IFPE competition thread. All credit will be given as per usual, and your name will be on the front page not in smallprint, but as a header.

You may even be invited to IFPE if your skills are good enough!!!

What the Rules Would Be

  • Your photo can be edited in any way, abstract, minor touch-up or even a complete revamp!
  • Your photo must be your own.
  • Your photo is more likely to be picked if you took it in the last week (or so). Don’t just give us your best one that you always use to show off your skills.
  • And finally, only one shot per week per member! This is to make sure that the competition is fair.

How the Photos would be Judged

  • Our team would judge your photos in private, and the winner would only be revealed at the end of the week on Sunday by 2100z.
  • We would judge your photo based on a number of factors. These include (but are not limited to):
    • Originality
    • Edit Quality (if applicable) - (Don’t oversaturate the photo PLEASE, it’s an overdone effect.)
    • Creativity
    • General photo quality (e.g. is the UI visible)

So, Whaddaya Think?

  • Sounds Good!
  • Unneeded, but nice idea.
  • Not a good idea at all.

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@Matt737, I am going to say that you would be the reigning champion. Can’t wait to see the nice photos.

You are the photo MASTER! XD


He’s part of our team so he can’t take part in the competition, only judging the photos.


oh, nevermind then XD


Lol :3 we sent a message around to some of the best editors and photographers with a link to our discord which is where we communicate with each other.

I won’t expect my photos to become “good” or “excellent” until 2 years from now

Anyways, have fun!

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Nah. I had no knowledge whatsoever installed adobe and in a month I managed to edit pretty well. I’m on the team now. Not much time since I downloaded the app.😉

Anyone can edit well. Just try out things and give way to imagination

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I still need to learn photo terms and editing terms XD

Any more talk about this can be discussed in a PM.

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Are these real world photos or screenshots from the flight sim?

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We prefer screenshots but your chance of being a winner is completely unaffected if you send an IRL pic.

Thank you!! I wish I could compete, but I’d make a better judge.


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