Weekly flights

When are we going to start getting weekly flights and airports we can fly to?

What do you mean? ATC schedule?

If an ATC schedule, this was discontinued starting in May of 2021

Misha does weekly cool Friday night Flights event on Friday’s. Those are posted in the #live #friday-night-flight category.

If you’re referring to a weekly schedule on expert. There’s no more weekly schedule. Controllers are now in regions. New ATC Region Assignments | Infinite Flight.

Though, there some awesome regional events controllers create. Check some of them out in the #atc category. Each region has its own tag. Example the United States East coast — #us-east.

No ATC schedule will be published anymore now that regions were introduced. In some of the region tracking threads the controllers list possible routes to other airports with ATC coverage or just of interest. I believe that is what your looking for. If you would like to create weekly flights try making a #live:events or #live:groupflights topic and get others to fly with you!

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