Weekly Embark No. 1 KSTL-DFW @KSTL 281300ZDEC17

The first of a weekly recruitment event! (Will be run by @Ironman_Ballets)

Aircraft: A318 red livery
Climb rate: 1800
Cruising speed: M0.86
Cruising alt: FL200
descent rate: -1200, slow to 300 at 10,000
Arrival runway: 36 or 35

This week we are in need of some special brand new active staff pilots they need to be active remodels for embark and lead the way in flight time and logs sign up here but we also need regular pilots if your interested. thanks Iroman

Please use the correct format when making events ;)

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Read this ;)

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The event is at December 28 at 6300Z? 63:00?

Good luck with the event!

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Its an hour from now

Still, change the title lol. It should be something like “Weekly Embark No. 1 @ KSTL - 281800ZDEC17”

Assuming the event is at 1 P.M EST

Noon central time its a short one in the A 318 wanna gate? Just reply lots of gates open for all no member ship required.

EVENT WILL start in one hour from now join soon reserve a spot lots of fun in the a 318 all IFC members welcome. :)

Isnt M0.86 too fast? The a318 has a cruise of M0.78

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It works in IF at FL300 (they have a few upgrades) come try it out wanna gate

I would like to join but do I have to be in the airline?

No sir your gate is e 10 at KSTL @WardellStephenCurry

If you want to keep it realistic this is way too fast for an A318…

Ok what plane do you want me to use.

a318 acj livery 2 will work

Sure what time in EST will this happen

200pm est sound good

Ok less than in hour. I am excited

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You are still failing to follow the events template. Fix it please.

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