Weekly Dose of IF | Week of 8/09 - 8/15

Welcome to another weekly dose of Infinite Flight. This will be the last WDIF topic for a while since I have other commitments to commit to but thanks to all of the supporters of the series that liked it and I am looking forward to continuing this in the near future. This weeks photos were taken from August 9th to August 15th. Enjoy!!!

Server: Expert

Aircraft’s Included: B738, B772, B788, A321

Airlines Included: Air India, American Airlines, Alitalia, Transavia, Ryanair

Airports and Regions/Airspace Included: KLGA, EGLL, LIRF, TEHRAN, MILANO, LANGEN-FIR

American 777-200 cruises over the Alps

Transavia 737-800 cruising at 37,000 during sunset

Air India 787-8 departing a very low visibility London Heathrow

Air India 787-8 flying high over Iran

American A321 on final into LaGuardia

Alitalia A321 going around with Ryanair 737-800 arriving in Rome

Thanks for viewing!!!