Weekly Dose of IF | Week of 8/02 - 8/08

Hello IFC, welcome to the fourth week of my Weekly Dose of Infinite Flight series. This weeks photos were taken from August 2nd to August 8th. Also you may now PM me your great photos for the new series I am starting that will be posted on Mondays. The date you took the photo doesn’t matter. Just send it to me before Monday at 1600Z. The series will be called “Your Infinite Flight”. Now on to the photos. Enjoy!!!

Server: Expert

Aircraft’s Included: B738, B744, B748, B772, B788, A350, DC10, MD11,C208, TMB9

Airlines Included: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, British Airways, Nippon Cargo, Air Bridge Cargo, Qatar Airways, KLM, Air Caraibes, Air France, National Airlines and many more!

Airports and Regions/Airspace Included: TNCM, TBPB, VHHX, BAHRAIN, CHICAGO, FUKUOKA

Nippon Cargo 747-8 makes a successful water landing in the Pacific Ocean after running out of fuel

Qatar 787-8 climbs as the sunrises

Moon sets behind the horizon of the Persian Gulf

British Airways 747 making final turn into Kai Tak

Action on the ground in Kai Tak with many retro liveries and aircrafts

British Airways 777-200 on final in Bridgetown

St Marteen full of many aircraft on the ground

Air Bridge Cargo climbs with the moon

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Im in the st maarten shot , kind of… 😂
You can see my C208 tail sticking out behind the American 737

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