Weekly Dose of IF | Week of 7/12 - 7/18

Hello IFC!!! I’m starting an Infinite Flight screenshot series called Weekly dose of IF where I post 10 either interesting, beautiful, or just screenshots people must see that I have gotten.

Server: Expert

Aircraft’s included: C750, B737, B738, B744, B772, A321, and A350

Airlines Included: Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Atlas Air, Delta Airlines

Airports and Regions/Airspace Included: KBWI, KATL, KMDW, MKJS, WARSZAWA, HABANA, MAEQUETIA

Cessna Citation X entering South American Airspace at 45,000 feet

Southwest 737-700 departs Chicago-Midway

Southwest 737-700 butters the landing in Baltimore after a long 5 leg flight with 2 other Southwest’s in the background

Delta 777-200ER charges at Baltimore’s terminal A at full throttle???The pilot missed the runway big time or something else possibly?

Malaysia Airlines A350 (EGLL-WMKK)and Malaysia Airlines 777-200 (WMKK-EGLL)cross paths over Warsaw

Malaysia Airlines A350 cruises at 37,000 with a beautiful view of blood moon

American Airlines 737-800 avoids Atlas Air 747-400 after near collision over the Cuba ( From 7/19/20)

American Airlines A321 on final in Montego Bay after a nice 2 hour flight from Charlotte (Also from 7/19/20)

Southwest 737-800 departing Atlanta right after a beautiful sunset

New Weekly Dose of IF posts every Sunday!!!
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Interesting! Very nice pictures you have there!

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You should try to get other people to submit photos just like Daily Dose of Internet

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I will keep that in mind

Gotta say, these are great pictures.

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Very cool pictures @KSS!

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My man with the canyon blue 🤩

Great shots! I look forward to your future topics.

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Nice collection of shots!

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Really nice pics! Also very high quality!

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expert… and that…

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