Weekly Aviation Debrief... (April 15-21)

Weekly Aviation Debrief…

Welcome to the first one in hopefully a long series of newsletter sort of things posted every Friday or Saturday night… Sorry if I miss one or two, and feel free to PM me with anything I missed, or anything for next week… And yes it is totally a coincidence that this is the weekend after the SWA incident, this is not because of that eaven though inevitablely someone will think that… Let’s get started!

Routes and the like…

Air Moldova plans Tel-Aviv launch next month


S7 plans Taipei charter


JetBlue adds single class A321 Boston to Aruba


Swoop adds Winnipeg service


Jetstar Pacific plans China expansion


American plans A321 MIA-TNCM


JetBlue A321 JFK-Long beach


Air China adds Bangkok MAX8


West Jet cancels 3 US flights


Hiwiian Expands A321neo services


Frontier expands domestic services


Emirates changes Sydney service


Rember these are only major changes, for a more complete list check here! https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/p2/


Delta A330 Engine Fire at ATL


Delta CRJ loses wheel on takeoff


United 737 elevator troubles and Dover diversion


Singapore 777 loses door at LAX


Southwest 737 uncontained engine failure


Deaths: 1 Injuries: 7

Again not a complete list, lost of small incidents, check here! https://www.aeroinside.com/

Livery news

Austrian new livery


Orders, and delivery’s

Norwegian transfers 787-9 orders to BOC


Durkair orders A320neo


Highlight story…

An Air China FA was held hostage by a man with a pen! Reportedly the man had a history of mental illness, and is currently detained by police after th plane diverted! http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-43779810

Thanks for reading the Post this week, make sure to PM me feedback, let’s keep the comments about the stories… Hoped you enjoyed!


I like the idea of a ‘weekly news’ concept.
One tip if this was to become a regular thing, remember to add the dates for the post in the title.


True, thanks for the idea!

I know this may not be needed… But can you maybe add some substance (even if it is just copy and paste) into each bullet?

Just for the future ;)

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OMG It’s a pen! 😱


Ya I was planning to do that, but I wanted to see if everyone liked it since eaven just this took me a he** of a long time…

I know crazy that is why I made it the feature story, IDK how someone holds someone hostage with one, but apparently it is possible…

Yet again… At the time, the flight attendant is held responsible for the flight and for the safety of the passengers she accepted being taken hostage…

Even though he only had a pen… You never know what he could have threatened to do.

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Aggreed, still an unusual event…

He Could have threatened to draw on her? 🤔


Lol, probably to stab her, but that would be hilarious, the captain would be like “We are making an unscheduled landing because a passenger is threatening to draw on a flight attendant” 😂

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I have noticed that the SWA 737 link is that of the United elevator incident, sorry for all who found this out befor me, terribly sorry…

Just for all who were wondering since I have gotten some stuff about both of these, I did forget the RR eingien issue, and I will have more substance next week, about to start working on it, so stay tuned, and thanks to everyone who has already read this weeks!

I like the concept of this. Just a small typo where you spelled highlight wrong in the subtitle.

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Thanks for pointing that out let me fix that :)

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