Weekend Spotting at Minneapolis St. Paul International | 2/23 - 2/24 | KMSP/MSP

Hello everyone! This week I managed to take some time to go spotting at my local international airport. With unusually high temperatures of 40°F/4°C, it made for a great experience after being inside most of the winter. I also found a new spotting area that I will be sure to return to in the future, especially in the summer when many more heavy services resume. Keeping an eye on Air France with their 777 and Aer Lingus upgrading to an A330. But alas, onto the pictures! The first 4 are on Saturday and the last 5 are from this afternoon.

Camera: Nikon D5600
Lense: Tamron 18-400mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD

N243NN, an American E170-200LR taxing out for departure to runway 17.

N509DN, one of Delta’s A359s landing on 12R after a long flight from Seoul, South Korea.

N594NW, an ex-North West Airlines 757-351 landing 12R. The pencil is always quite interesting to see.

Look out, there is a senior citizen on the runway! N987DN, a Boeing 717-23S, lands on 12R. Seems like Delta is deciding to keep these around for a few more years, maybe I will end up seeing its relative, the MD90 before it is gone.

And here come the big boys! Came out just to see this today, G-GVEM coming in from London Heathrow for maintenance from Delta TechOps. This is an 8-year-old A333.

A majestic Gulfstream 500 coming in with its long wingspan!

One of Delta’s few special liveries comes in to land on 30L. Shout out to everyone who has their name on this plane. @Hopperbolic:)

Bannana bus! N621NK comes in from sunny Orlando Florida.

Coming in hot from Tokyo is N863DA, a 20-year-old Boeing 777-200. Soon they are too be replaced on their routes by A350s.

Birds are essentially a tradition in the spotting category nowadays, here is a little family of aviators!

Thanks for looking at my pictures! Constructive criticism is always welcome!


Omg those are so sexy


Nice, Nice, Nice!! Love these, they’re all so clean. Love the last two (the 777 looks so sleek) just waiting for the 777 rework!

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Fantastic photos @Aceorbit! I love the colors popping on the Thank You A321 and on the VS A333. Great 359 shot too.

Cute bird family btw 😉


Those are awesome! I love the snow and the plane combo, the 717 is the best. (The birds are cool too).

I saved some to my device, a PM will be sent to your location if I use them in any way.

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@Robertine look what you started 😂


Great pictures! Good to see you on team Nikon!

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Nice work on these, love the snow lighting.

How’s that 18-400? I was going to get one but I figured it would be pretty soft, especially around the edges.

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It’s working!

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The BIRBS are so cute!

Great shots!

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Major plot twist there at the end of your topic 😂

Nice shots!


It works for me, not really any issues. I do notice some softness, but I think that’s more down to my camera settings and inexperience in photography. Usually I can fix it in post, or at least enough to where I’m satisfied.

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These pictures are stunning and great catch of Delta’s “Thank You” livery! 👍

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Absolutely fantastic pictures! All are really well made, thanks for sharing!

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Very nice pictures. The Detail is 100%.

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On another note, next time I go I’m going to borrow one of those giant long lenses for shooting. The one my dad uses is fantastic and it should make the next topic look 💯

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@GraceHopper has entered the chat

Awesome shots @Aceorbit! I am going to try and fly on the Thank You A321 in the near future

What is it? Like a 150-600 or something

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