Weekend in the plains out of NYC ( FINAL FLIGHT )

I apologize for posting this later than usual I just got back home from Palm Beach airport since my flight was delayed by quite a bit but without further to do let’s continue!

Weekends go by fast, really fast, it was only like 1 hour ago I first got here but now I’m leaving to go back home it was nice hanging with my friend he wasn’t as silly as he was in New York City 🗽🍎 or even Los Angeles 🌴📸 I gotta tell this guy to visit me in South Florida 🏝️😎 one day but as he drives back to NYC, I head to White Plains Westchester County Airport ( KHPN ) to catch my flight back home to West Palm Beach once again on a JetBlue Airbus A320 it is a late evening departure so there won’t be much to experience on this flight but let’s just begin and get this done!

Flight Info

Origin: Westchester County 🇺🇸 ( KHPN )
Destination: Palm Beach Intl 🇺🇸 ( KPBI )
Flight Time: 2:19
Airbus A320-200 ( JetBlue Shantay )
Server: Expert

I took this photo when I first got to the gate the sun is setting and it’s getting dark I thought we would get a stunning sunset departure, boy was I wrong. Anyways, HPN is a small airport JetBlue is the only airline serving the airport with mainline aircraft, Everybody else sends their regional planes E Jets, CRJs etc… that’s why I didn’t fly American Airlines, they do connect HPN to MIA SEASONALLY but not right now and they fly CRJs here from other airports compared to E175s from MIA and if you don’t know me I hate CRJs there just cramped. Anyways we were DELAYED by almost 2 HOURS so instead of arriving into PBI at 9pm, we’d get there at 11pm.

We boarded an hour and 30 minutes late, still got the same seat as the previous flight and I’m glad I stuck with our view on departure will be MAGICAL anyways same thing as the last seat, amazing legroom, IFE screens at every seat we don’t really need these for this type of flight but I’m 100% grateful for it!

Decided to try a new angle for our departure out of HPN, looks great I might switch my previous format of departure shots to these 🔥 anyways goodbye White Plains, it’s been a great short weekend!

Our departure out of HPN was great! At first I though we’d turn left and just continue with out flight plan but the pilots had different plans, they decided to fly a bit off from their route to give us passengers on the left side of the plane a FABULOUS view of The Big Apple, The Bronx isn’t quite visible neither is Staten Island but Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens is and if you ask, those matter the most. We even get nice views over LaGuardia Airport and JFK from up here!

After flying over NYC, we went back to our original FP of heading across the east coast before entering the Atlantic Ocean off South Carolina before flying back eastwards towards Florida were we would begin our decent into PBI, we flew at FL360 and the crew came around once again with their free drinks and snacks which you can always grab for free later in the flight as well. once again, 4 stars for JB ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ also connected to their “Fly-Fi” Internet service which was free and works fast. Even faster than AAs WiFi where I have to pay $20 for the whole flight. That’s a plus for JB no wonder why so many people love this airline.

With the northern parts of the West Palm Beach area in sight, it’s to reflect on this trip. Overall, it wasn’t exhausting this mainly meant to relax and spend the weekend with a friend I’m glad I came White Plains was a nice small city, people were friendly I was away from home, I thought I was in a new world up there. Pretty much me on any vacation I go on really, it was fun flying on JetBlue again and even flying out of my local airport PBI again. Wish more airlines especially international ones come to PBI one day.

Currently on Left Base for PBIs RWY 10L over Loxahatchee Groves and Royal Palm Beach, where there is a water park I used to go with my cousins every summer before we all got old and Lion Country Safari 🦁 is around here to!

Slowing down as we are now on final for RWY 10L and I by 1,300ft AGL or so, we’d pass over the South Florida Fairgrounds or what’s left of it, it only runs in January so it’s pretty much an empty field for pretty much the whole year.

TOUCHDOWN!! Welcome back to Palm Beach International Airport and the end of the weekend it was around 11:20pm or so when we landed around 2 hours late we were scheduled to land at around 9:30pm but the flight was smooth and sweet despite the delay!

Disembarked at the same gate I boarded from initially, gate C15 and once again only traveled with a backpack so no need to wait in baggage claim, Off I go to my car to drive the 15-20 minutes back home to end this trip and begin packing for my next and final trip of the summer as August starts soon along with school but here’s a teaser for the next trip, once again over 1 weekend, and I’ll compare 2 other low cost airlines but ones with good reputations yes JetBlue and the “luv” airline itself, Southwest from the other South Florida airport to the capital of La Isla del Encanto 🇵🇷 so stay tuned but as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


  • Forget what I said about the Bronx, it is visible infact.

Nice photos. I saw you on my radar when you were near PBI

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Where were you and thanks!

I was controlling Key West


You always control Key West it seems.

Oh I tried looking for you on the replay to see if you were nearby ( in a plane )

What do you mean by your last flight?

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wym, in the title?

yea (10 character)

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The last flight of that trip series, the next flight I post is for a new trip series.

Ohhh I see. Good luck on the new series.

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Thanks it isn’t long at all

@NonStopsAviation are you flying rn?

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nope ( characters )

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I might regret flying overnight. Im enroute to Barcelona, the featured airport…

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Why? it’s fun

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So busy. ATC makes me mad sometimes. They put me on some approach that is like giving me a 10-15 minute delay.


Yeah busy airports are sometimes annoying to fly to ( remember doing that Tiger A319 flight from Seoul to Taipei I requested ILS and I was vectored away from the airport and cleared for visual instead landing wasn’t that bad though ) make sure to bring enough fuel I recommend an hour extra.

yea. im flying the 737-700 BBJ from Travis Air Force base to Barcelona, and I couldnt pack more than 12h15m worth of fuel because I’d be over takeoff weight. i should be fine though.

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hopefully if the worst happens, divert to Madrid or anywhere in Portugal ( if you haven’t reached Europe yet )