Weekend Groupflight : Mexico @MMMX-241130ZNOV19

  • Aircraft and Livery: Any Boeing 717 livery.

  • Route: MMMX - KATL New Mexico to Atlanta

  • Time of Departure: 15:30PM GMT+2

  • Server: Casual Server

  • Additional Information: Dont forget that the timezone is GMT+2! Dont join at 15:30PM GMT.

Ummm, Check your time?
It’s currently 0942Z, so your event has passed already.

I cant find the zulu time at 15 30PM GMT+3.

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You are 3 hours ahead of GMT, so to find GMT time you subtract 3, giving you 1230Z.

Next time, just google a converter! I’m sure it’ll be much easier.

Omg,i forgot my country had shifted the time back.Its now GMT+2.

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