Weekday Spotting @ KSFO

Weekday Spotting @ KSFO

Hello IFC! Here are some pictures from last week which I forgot to post here until now.

I never have time to go spotting on weekdays, but last week there was no school, so I got up on Tuesday, had some oatmeal for breakfast, and then headed off to SFO to see some planes. Unfortunately, I arrived in downtime and could only stay an hour, so I didn’t see many heavies or rare spots. Enjoy!

First arrival of the day, we have a Southwest CB 738 landing on 28L

Next up, a Delta A220 headed off to Salt Lake City. SFO usually sees a few of these DAL BCS1’s every day. Unfortunately, the fence was in the way for these shots.

Another Delta lined up on 1R, this time an A319.

Now for some more arrivals. Here comes an American A321 as a UA 789 taxis to 28L.

A Prime Air 767 touching down on 28R. This pilot decided flaring was for noobs and just slammed it. I hope the oatmeal I ordered on Amazon Fresh wasn’t in this plane.

I tried to get a shot of this departing dreamliner and the tower, but lighting betrayed me and I was left with this.

I’m not sure if this is a regularly scheduled flight, but here is a Delta 757 without winglets, arriving from LAX.

The same Southwest I saw landing, seen here departing off of 1R. Boy do they have a fast turnaround time.

Last shot of the day, I was just leaving as I saw this plane in the distance, and had to run back to the waterfront to get a shot of it. This Asiana A359 buttered on 28L after arriving from Seoul.

That’s all from me for today. Thanks for viewing!!

Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel T1i


Looks like one of Delta’s 757s specially configured for NBA/NHL charter flights. I can tell by the reg.

Nice photos! The southwest ones are my favorite.

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That makes sense, I knew Delta didn’t send 757’s from LA. Thanks!

Spotting topic, mentions oatmeal… you don’t have long. He will be here soon.

Nice shots! I’ve always wanted to spot at SFO.


The A220 still looks Nice and cute Lol

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That’s a beautiful picture of that Southwest Airlines landing

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Oh well. He is inevitable

Thanks! I do love the look of the A220.

Thank you!


Your welcome

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Have you seen any Special liveries at KSFO

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Where was that Southwest Airlines going

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Yes, but that was before I had a camera, so I don’t have any pictures unfortunately.

I think it was going to Denver, although I’m not sure

@AndrewWu what is this


What is the most common private jets to see at KSFO

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I think it’s impossible for the A220 to have a bad angle, she always looks stunning. Great job 👍🏼


He has been summoned. I’m not sure whether to rejoice or hide in fear.

Honestly, I have no idea. SFO isn’t really popular with private jets because of the high commercial traffic.

That’s true! The sheer dimensions of the plane give it a sleek look.


Yes, private jets at SFO are not unheard of, however they are not very common.

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