Week Dedicated to long Haul routes

I Just wanted to throw out an Idea of having a week dedicated to solely long haul routes. Most days even with the new release of the 777 ATC has been in one area (as they usually are) not to condemn it. I would just would like a week focused on long hauls. Such as americas and Eastern Asia opened at the SAME TIME. Or OMDB and EGLL at the same time. The majority of people fly larger commercial aircraft in this game, It seems that development team is currently focused on long hauls as well, why isn’t ATC not?

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Because IFATC doesn’t control the schedule, @Tyler_Shelton does. Talk to him.

I understand that ATC choice recently partially accomplished this, however no set airport list leads to unsure flight planing to atc active airports

Since when is there a no set airport list?

There have been some long haul airports being incorporated in the schedule if I recall correctly. Tyler tries to make the schedule as diverse as possible and that includes possible routes you can do between airport and airport. A lot of the locations that are selected have routes to the next region which could be considered a long haul. Your best bet though as said above is to contact Tyler with your input as I’m sure he’s always open to hear your thoughts.

The weekly IFATC list is always published and pinned on the IFC for ease of access. Links to it are also usually available from the IF IG. Often times people will also make threads with recommended routes departing or heading to featured airports be it ultra long haul or a short hop.

You know you could just choose to fly long-huals without atc coverage, or plan flights that have coverage at only one end (departure or arrival). The world is huge, if you don’t want to fly in the ATC regions as they don’t give you your long huals, you can fly elsewhere. The sky is literally your limit (as in you can’t go to space)

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😬 don’t know about that one chief

… To an extent. This is a flight sim, not a space sim

I was talking about the instance in which what I was trying to accomplish is true eg. ATC Choice (only case where ATC is active in different contents.) With ATC choice their is not set ATC list so you don’t know exactly where to fly for long haul only general areas.

What fun is it to fly in an empty airport no point in it

Everyone has their own preferences. Some like you love multiplier and going where ATC is, others love exploring the world, nothing wrong with either. Hopefully your feedback can be taken and we can see a larger increase in long-hual IFATC schedules. However there has been an increase. Remember when the day was split halfway between Canada and China …

There was literally a week dedicated to the long hauls, after the rrlease of the 777. Now we need some variety of planes and scenery, personally i can’t see the same big HUB’s open, it’s just boring you know? And the 777 was relased lile 3 weeks ago, so now its a good time to bring back the variety.

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I try and aim for this - have at least one airport with ATC - sometimes I get lucky and have both sides - sometimes I get unlucky and have neither.

Just fly between regions from one day to another. I saw Heathrow had active ATC yesterday, and today Nairobi has, I’d have flown the BA 777-200ER overnight to get service at both ends of my flights. ATC schedule this week has been fantastic.

What about these threads. They even give you rough time estimates.

I understand about days like yesterday where it was literally fill the hibs then go where the heck you like. But, fly between the hubs! Or, when you see, say, EGLL open. Quickly get your flight ready from Heathrow to one of the hubs.

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