Wee Dot Things

What are these???

I believe those are TFR’s for this week’s FNF. You may click on them for more information :)

These TFR’s are entry points into specific airports. For most of them you have to have them in your FPL as the arrival point. You may check this thread for more information:

Every TFR is for the FNF this week, the 2 that are overlapping each other near Denver are not part of the FNF, below are just some this week’s TFRs for the FNF.

image image image image

You must follow them or you will be ghosted by ATC. You will get vectored differently from your FPL so please do expect a deviation from your FPL for the duration of the FNF this week.

When following the TFRs your FPL should look something like this for the approach.


That helps me aswell. Thanks @Qantas094

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MaxSez: “The Wee Dot Thing”; Since IF choses not to depict Airways or establish Centers for en-route Nav tracking/ separation ect, IF has chosen to publish control points by NOTAM TFR’s to facilitate marshaling at designated FNF terminuses. Just include & plot the red balls on your plan and review the NOTAMS during pre-fligh planning and yr Golden for FNF Events. Just sayin, Max Sends

(Separation Rule (FAR))

Flying a magnetic course of 0° - 179°, fly at odd thousands plus 500 feet. For example, 3,500; 5,500; 7,500.
Flying a magnetic course of 180° - 359°, fly at even thousands plus 500 feet. For example, 4,500; 6,500; 8,500.
in general, air traffic controllers and pilots are required to maintain a horizontal distance of 5 nautical miles between 2 aircraft flying at the same altitude. For altitudes at and below 29,000 feet, vertical separation must be maintained at a minimum 1,000 feet. For altitudes above 29,000 feet vertical separation must be maintained at a minimum of 2,000 feet.

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I think they are NOTAM for the FNF

If you’d like, you can read more about these “wee dot things” in the link below.