Wednesday photos

Hey there people, I haven’t posted in a while but ummm… here I am.
Today featuring the KLM 737-700 and the cute Airbus 318
Enjoy :)

KLM 737-700
39 minutes flight time



On final of runway 36C

Airbus 318 old livery

MAMA-MIA going down

Holding short runway 26R

Touch and Go

Full stop

I tried to do a raw shot too, tell me your thoughts😄

Thanks for viewing, have a cookie and enjoy the rest of your day 🍪😊


Great photos!

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Thank you😄

Awesome shots

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Thanks mate😊

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Extremely cool pictures! I like how you edited the pics :)

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Fabulous work on these!

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Thank Jan, I edited them with the in-built pictures app from Apple

Thanks you so much @Sashaz55 😊

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Good good!.

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Gracias my friend😄

Looks cool in the a318 (even tho its thursday)

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It was Wednesday when I posted this😉