Wednesday Long Haul | Frankfurt to Nagoya

Hello y’all welcome to my second post for some review from flying from Frankfurt to Nagoya!
Sorry for posting late because I got busy with the calculus quiz and an upcoming exam for management!

Server: Expert Server
Event: Wednesday long haul flights
Callsign: Japan Air 47 Heavy
Origin and destination: 🇩🇪EDDF (Frankfurt am Main) to 🇯🇵 RJGG (Chubu Centrair)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Load: 94% (Heavy)
Cruising attitude and speed: 36000 - 38000ft @ Mach 0.78 - 81
Flight time: 12 hours and 38 minutes

Parked at the gate in EDDF

A great take-off indeed

Cruising over Europe at 36000ft around 2 hours later

Went to bed and here’s a cockpit photo at midnight at 38000ft

The sunrise over Sapporo was gorgeous

After getting served a warm breakfast and now we are landing into Nagoya in Japan

The weather was not good though, kinda low visibility plus crosswind of 18 knots gust 23, so I did not have a butter landing this time, bumpy though.
But we made it! Thanks haha
Nice fun flight, would like to appreciate to those ATC controllers 🤙🏼👏🏼

Good day everybody :)



wow!, i really liked the sunset over sapporo one!

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haha no problem