WED and M1 Macs (Airport Editing related)

Hey, so I was planning on buying an M1 MBP this year, and before I finalize, I just wanted to ask a couple of questions regarding WED (the software that Mac owners use to edit or create airports for Infinite Flight).

  1. Is WED optimized for M1 Macs?
  2. How much does WED slow down the laptop?
  3. To what extent does WED affect the battery life?

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to create a topic or not about this, but if I’m not, I hope someone can guide me to the correct place (I’ve never asked such a question before).



WED is not a software that requires a lot of performance from your laptop. Most people in airport editing use Mac so they can possibly give an input on this topic also.
I however use windows and my previous laptop was the worst of the worst but could still run WED and load medium size airports. So I say with the M1 you should have no problem

I don’t believe WED is optimized for Silicon yet, but I’ve been airport editing on my MBA and it’s worked quite well. It didn’t slow it down whatsoever. For batter life, I don’t know since I am at my desk keeping it plugged in all the time

As already stated, WED is far from being a software with high system requirements so it should run on any Mac that’s not completely outdated. When it comes to the OS, I can’t really comment on that since I’m running it on Windows, but it shouldn’t cause issues either.

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Mac user here. 👋

WED is optimized for any OS that can support a 64-bit application. Although not officially supported by Apple, you can download WED and override the security notification via System Preferences.

TL;DR: It should work. 😁

Don’t see why it shouldn’t work. With a few small exceptions of applications that very heavily relied on something specific about the old Intel processors pretty much anything will run with Rosetta. Seems like the performance hit is minimal. I don’t see any real reason this program would be in that short list that is incompatible, though you may well be entering uncharted waters.

Hmm alright, thank you guys so much for all the inputs and information, really helped :)

It isn’t optimized but it can run through Rosseta 2 but some applications could run as good as if it was Native

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Works just fine on my M1 MacBook! No performance issues noted (I’m using the air but they’re very similar machines)

Hope that helps :)


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