Hey all,
I’m interested in making a website (weebly, I know how to do it) about anything that is particularly interesting. Does anyone have any ideas about possible topics I can make a new website on? If you would like to see my main website then just head to my profile and it should be there. Please comment below your ideas and/or opinions!


Usually people dont make websites for the sake of it but a fan page or aviation photos page are some ideas

Virtual Airlines also usually have one, you could create your own VA/VO.

I don’t have the time or the resources/people for that right now but good idea, thanks!

Fan page of what exactly? or Aviation photos of what specifically?
Thanks for the idea!

You could di a fact based website. A little like Wikipedia but more reliable and instead of just having a white background with black text, you could add your own color and decorative things as you wish. To make it stand out and look more elegant. Or you can also make a website based on your personal thoughts or idea os aviation. Like what you think about and such, a little like a blog sort of but you could add facts and own experience to it.

Another thing that would be interesting is if you were to add pictures to the website. It would be welcoming to have pictures of what the website is about or the specific page someone visits. So for an instance, one page is about your personal experience on a Boeing 787, then you can add fatcs, own thoughts, what you think this plane is good for, what will happen to it in the future, and lastly add pictures to show a more color side of it all.

Hope you can piece together something from the ideas I had. It will be a more like a blog but on a website so the tricky part is how to put it all so it looks nice, but I’m sure you can find a way or another to mash it up tk something great!! 🤩

A lot of those points I already use in both my aviation websites but thanks for letting me know!

Like fan page of infinte flight or plane spotting

Yep got those! 😂

How about a website, that lists all of the planes available if IF, with listing all their critical speeds, altitudes, other relevant specs, individual features they have IF.

Alot of this information, is available already especially on IFC, but be nice to have it all in one place, in a consistent and easy to read and search format. Also cross checking the info, with the manufacturers POH, as sometimes discrepancies crop up, in what is posted and then shared on IFC.

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I think this exists :

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