Websites for making flight maps

Are there any websites I could use that would allow me to make a map of my flight routes in Infinite Flight is a good website to use :)

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MyFlightradar is perfect for this. I use it for myself as well, both for real life flights and Infinite Flight.

This is the map of all my flights since May:

Another option would be I use it for the real life flights as well. The UI of FlightRadar is better though in my opinion.


This is cool. I take it you have to input the flight details manually?

Yes, you do. But you need less than a minute per flight, so it’s extremely efficient both on PC and mobile devices. I added all 99 flights today. Took me maybe 20-30 minutes or so. Had it all prepared in an Excel list I update regularly.

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Nice I’ve just put in the flight I’m doing now. Thanks for info Marc

there is also great circle map

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