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CEO: Goran Kamaran


Fly Iceland is a Low Cost Airline, We operate from Keflavik and fly all over the world we offer luxury for a reasonable price. We are the second biggest airline in Iceland. We are also part if the One World Alliance!


Dash 8 100 (3)
Embrear E170 (10)
B737-800 (40)
B737-700 MAX (1)
A318 (7)
A321 NEO (2)
B757-200 (8) BEING REPLACED BY 777-300ER
B767-209 (21) RETIRING 2025
A330-200 (4)
B787-8 (11)
B747-8 (1)


London LHR LCY, Innsbruck, Vienna, New York JFK, Miami, Denver, Windsor Locks, Houston IAH, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronto YYZ, Calgary, Vancouver, St Johns, Rio GIG, Tenerife NORTH, Fuerteventura, Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Poznan, Warsaw, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris ORL CDG, Lyon, Nice, Rome, Bologna, Milan, Crete, Istanbul, Antalya, Dubai, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Maldives, Delhi, Mumbai, Bombay, Perth VIA London, Sydney, Auckland, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo

Hubs: Keflavik MAIN, New York, Auckland and London LCY



hahahahahahahahahhaha! How were we being rude lol! we didn’t even say anyhting rude apart from giving advice


that’s a nice livery!


There’s mine!


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Can we do a partnership with FlyXG


Nice livery but can the tail logo looks exactly like @ThePraetorian’s FlyLocal.


ummm pm me for negotiations


I never saw he had a airline called that.




Oh, do you want me to design a livery for you? or a logo?


A logo please since I don’t know how to o one, sorry.


Ok no problem is it ok if I do a livery as I need to see if the logo works with yours incase it might need a rework.


Okay sure!


Expect v 0.01 in a few days with Fly Iceland, EverGreen, BlueWing and OTHERS!


Version 0.01

Things Included:

New Airlines (FLY ICELAND, everGreen, BlueWing and OTHERS!)
Google Forms Survey

EXPECTED UPDATE TIME: 10/10/18 19:00

New EXPECTED UPDATE TIME: 15/10/18 19:00


@Goran12 do you want me to change the font as well?


Sure that’s fine!


Ok no problem.


@Goran12 what do you think?


Woah thank you! Can you send me the logo?