[WEBSITE UPDATES]The Official ‘Design Your Own Airline Or Repaint 2’ Fictional Airline Database


Woah, im half Moldovan! Most people dont even know what “a Moldova” is, and I have seen 2 Moldovan airlines on this thread, its insane!


Swissforce Airlines
Based in Yverdon International Airport 🇨🇭
Destinations : 50
Fleet A319-20-21,
Subsidiaries(cargo airlines,low cost subsidiaries,and connection airlines)


Wow thats cool. My parents immigrated from Moldova in '98, so that is why I made Moldova Air Freight.


@SimpleWaffles when are you going to update the list?


Pretty soon,@Darpan just wait until I finish my homework. BTW,should I put your FA in the Oceania or Asia section. The PMs I sent you keep disappearing.




@SimpleWaffles I think I should update as I’m way more active


Well it’s a wiki,okay with me!


But how can I edit ur post @SimpleWaffles


Oh yeah,sorry it’s a wiki but you’re not a regular. I’ll edit it now.


Please use an aircraft from Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2 thank you!


I’m thinking of making a google sites using the info from this in the fictional Airlines. PM me if you want to develop side by side





If you Add Your Livery On Here it will be added on the Website!


@Aceorbit your livery and airline is on


@David_Carlsson Your airline has been added https://sites.google.com/view/fictionairlineswiki/zambezi-wings


@SimpleWaffles the info for FlyLocal is on the website please copy and paste onto here also


@Jake_Savage your airline is on the website!!


Updated my reply with numbers of aircraft in fleet


I guess u saw the question mark with the numbers on the website! 😂

Jeez where did u get 28 A318s from? Did u order them wen they were still in production cuz there were only 80 in real life. So 108 in fictional world? @Jake_Savage