Website Redo's

Hey IFC,

I just want to put out there that I am happy to do VA website redo’s, so just PM me if you want one!

I use wix, which has branding adds but to remove those and have a domain is US $6.25 and your getting more than a $8.50 plan! (strange!) (just clarifying I am free but to remove wix’s branding it costs)

Here is a (unfinished and unedited) of my work


Just to clarify… Do I have to pay to use your services?

You haven’t written clearly whether it’s a free or paid service.


not for me but to remove wix’s branding

Right, you’re going to need to include more information about your work and services in the main thread.

Good luck!

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Have you had permission to re-make this topic again?

it got closed because I was told to put it in 3rd party sooo no I don’t but well moved it

All stuff in #live:va must be approved by the VARB.

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