Website Redo's

Hey IFC,

I just want to put out there that I am happy to do VA website redo’s, so just PM me if you want one!

I use wix, which has adds but to remove those and have a domain is US $6.25 and your getting more than a $8.50 plan! (strange!)



Erm… Okay…
Do you have any examples we could use to assert your quality?

not not currently sorry I can show you a unfinished one though (it hasn’t been edited and what not)

If you want to customise your websites even further and remove the ads, i’d recommend learning HTML and CSS coding.

It removes all the ads because you can even do it in notepad. Also I find coding, especially HTML to be really fun and relaxing. Then all you need to pay for is the domain and that’s it!


@Marshall_J this is for me not you please remove your post or move it to another topic

#thirdparty is not for VAs and there is no provided “portfolio”. Users can PM you for this.