Website is up for Southjet!

Hello all!
I’m starting up a VA called south jet. We fly in B717’s, Dash 8’s, A318’s, C208’s and E170’s and 190’s. We fly in the SoCal regions with varying destinations, Chciago region, and the NY region. Obviously sometimes we will have other regions but for now that’s what they’ll be. PM me for details so we can get some more pilots. Hope you can join.


You should prob make a website

I will join someone msg me about the program plz

Hello I see you started up a airline as well as I did. If you’d like we can become allies company’s. We fly dash 8, Emj 175, and a320 we are still working on more planes and we are based in Southern California. And I’d be glade to become a pilot and help your airline start up.

Yea! That sounds great, I have another user who would also like to ally so that seems cool. Sure, if you want to become a pilot for Southjet I’ll become one for your airline too. Chat soon!

Ace with all virtual airlines comes a program and website. I suggest starting a website and implementing your program onto this… It highly looked upon and well manageable.

If you want an example, check out Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight.

I would like to partner with you I run CityHopper IF we operate 20 A318’s and 10 Dash8’s through all the regions what do you think?

Haha yes, I’m working on the website at the moment so I’ll share a link when done.

Sounds great!

Message me and we can sort something out

Can anyone in the airline please just reply so I can put your name in the website

People will reply eventually. Don’t bump the topic. Patience.

I’m checking to see who is a pilot in the airline.

I will take the job

I want to join

Welcome to Southjet!

How will we know when we have to fly? I have registered on the website already!