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Hi all,

I’m looking to create a VA which is a factional based airline. However I’ve been told that your not allowed to use a HTML/CSS website for the IFVARB approval process. How true is this?


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I actually didn’t know this, @IFVARB would be the best people to ask.

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I don’t think there’s a restriction on what you can use to make your website. Everyone has different tastes

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There are no restrictions on what “type” of website VAs and VOs can use.

We evaluate new websites based on quality, professionalism and creativity, among other things.

Most people tend to use website building hosters like Weebly and Wix because they make it much easier to create a website for those who don’t have or want coding experience.


I think your free to create anything you want. As a designer myself I would be concerned how you can ensure your safely hosting the site as well providing users a statement staying them visiting the site is safe. There are other issues you could encounter but if you have great skills your probably ok.

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