Website/formulae to calculate fuel

Does anyone know any good websites or formulae I can use to calculate my fuel load? I was using one website, but the domain expired. is a great help! It does everything, from calculating FPL to giving you the amount of fuel needed and flight level etc.

Simbrief is also very good

I sometimes use to calculate fuel. But, I mostly calculate my fuel manually. When adding weight and fuel to your flight, the average flight time is displayed. I simply add another hour to the current flight time displayed in short to medium haul flights.

Your current flight time is how long the average flight is in the real world. Let’s say a flight from London Heathrow to Frankfurt takes one hour, according to


Just putting this in here, uses to calculate, thus you need a simbrief account, but it gives you the same information from simbrief in a much simpler and easy to read way, as simbrief gives you a full flight plan/dispatch! However, simbrief account is free to create. I personally use simbrief as I find it more realistic to get a full dispatch, but that is just personal preference!

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