Website for Winds?

Planning to do a long haul and wondering is there a website I can use to check the winds and rough flight time? is a great source for winds and is fpltoif is great for the flight time


I think FPLtoIF has estimate flight times

I don’t have an account for that. If I was to fly jfk to London in a few hours what would the winds be like. Tail or head?

You dont need a account to use anyway right now there is about an 116knt tail wind but it will vary at different altitudes

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Over Atlantic, the winds are always eastbound, so if you fly JFK to London or, in that case, any other flight from North America to Europe, you should get pretty good tailwinds. Just make sure you use North Atlantic tracks in your flightplan (if they are available at the time of departure), as one of the parameters they are chosen on is winds

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