Website for VA

Me and some friends Plan on hosting a VA called International Charter Group (ICG) but before we are IFVARB approved we need a functioning Website. We are searching for someone who ist willing to join a VA and who has some Website hosting experience to create a Website for our VA. Ifyou are interested please let me know or contact us directly over Instagram (@ificgva)


Hello and welcome to the community!

The best site to use unless you are creating one using HTML format, is

I won’t be helping you as I have a weebly site myself and a HTML in progress for my VA, just some simple advice above 🙃


Hey there, as someone who creates websites for people (could almost call me a professional) I recommend you actually use wix if your new to creating websites as that’s easy to use although if your experienced then use weebly, it’s a little harder to use but looks a look better than wix. I would love to create a website for you although I’m in the process of making three (including one for the IFC) right now so my hands are a little full sorry.


I’ll look into Wix for future reference. I’m fully mobile so I find weebly fairly easy on a tablet 🙃


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