Website for metars

I’m looking for a site where I can just dump my airport code, and it will give me a metar.


I don’t have live, so I don’t have live weather

Check out this

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Flight bot. It’s a Facebook messenger bot. It will do this

@Sphinx Thanks, I will check it out

@Rodney_Buckland I will check it out, thanks! 😁

I love flight bot. He will tell you jokes and everything

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Do you know if they offer one for slack?

Develop a slash command using the above website’s API

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I can’t find it :/

Can you give me a link to it please. Or can someone else? Here

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You gotta have Facebook messenger

This is a feature available for LiveFlight Horizon subscribers too :)

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Okay, thanks. I would buy liveflight horizon, but I don’t have live… 😁

You can still buy horizon :)

But there would be no point

@a_gudimenko’s iOS app, IFATC helper gives METAR information too :)


Looks cool, I’ll check it out.

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