Website for getting FPLs from real flights

I’m trying to find a website which can give me the FPLs from real flights. I know FlightAware does that but it only works if your flight is to/from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I want to know if there is website which can give me FPLs from real flights in Europe.

3 Likes and are two great choices!

It is quite difficult to get full FPL’s from IRL flights. Flightaware will only give you the route. I don’t know of an app/website which gives full irl flight reports, since I would think they would be partially confidential within the airline.

You could however use the route that FlightAware said they used, and make an FPL yourself using

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Simbreif is a good advanced tool and Flight Plan Database is a more simple tool

What I usually do, is to play back the most recent flight I chose. Once I can see the flight path of the aircraft, I use (as others mentioned) and select the altitude and runways from the real flight. Once I have generated the flight plan, it should look very similar to the real flight path.

If not, and if this flight plan looks way off or something goes wrong, I create a manual flight plan. I look for the waypoints/fixes for each of the turning points. And of course select the right SIDS/STARS procedures. Be sure to check for any expected turbulence in case the FPL needs to be adjusted. :)

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Well they are kinda the same, You need to make an account on SimBrief and then go to FPLTOIF and press SimBrief to infinite flight and put in all the info(I only put in the compulsory ones) and it will load and give you all the info like fpl, fuel and more…

Adding on to what’s said above, sometimes for short hauls, especially around NZ I just look on FR24 and find what turns, altitudes and procedures the aircraft took, and manually put them in

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