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what other websites can make flight plans and better than simbrief. Some aircraft data on simbrief is inaccurate.


i knew this one , i mad flight plan on sim and then use this website to convert it into FPL that can be used on IF

This is the most accurate. Only a few waypoints get misplaced if there is more than 1

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You are able to add aircraft to your fleet on Simbrief. This then allows you to change various weights, etc. for that aircraft allowing you to customise them more towards the liking of IF.

However, if you would like a different site, the site linked above is perfect for the job!

Enjoy the rest of ya day and happy flying! :)


that’s a good idea

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Here is another Website for flight planning, but I would recommend using .

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this is the first one i ues, kind of old school, the only problem is some way point will missing :)

i got this flight plan from here, it was my favourite


Recently i had some fuel shortage problems,I hope it will become better after adjusting the weight of the aircraft.

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I’ve set aircraft up with the max amount of passengers IF allows for said aircraft, the ZFW, (MTOW and MLW) and never had any problems with fuel calculations from SimBrief. So it should do the trick for you! 👍👍

Let me know if you’d like any help with anything. And, just a few helpful pointers for ya: remember to step climb on longer flights, and the beginning of your flight may show you don’t have enough fuel sometimes (primarily occurs on long-hauls), but this changes as the weight of the aircraft is reduced from fuel burn.

() indicates I haven’t done this for all aircraft I set up in my fleet but still haven’t had any problems.

I use Flight Plan Database for my PC sim flights but I also hear it works well with IF. I’d highly recommend it because it is very simple to use compared to FplToIF.

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hi Jai 0144
For better fuel economy, I had to choose the layout with the least passengers in the fleet. But the weight of passengers and packages are calculated according to the real world, for example, each of my passengers weight 100KG including the package. I usually climb at 1000Ft/min after takeoff. As you said, some aircraft’s fuel performance is really unsatisfactory in long-haul flight, you need to change the flight level to improve it. If conditions permit, I will use single engine to taxi in and taxi out.

Indeed, Especially IF now has added SID and STAR

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