Website error on mobile

Hello community,

I understand that this topic is similar to @Adam_Macaulay’s topic but this is something different, it’s on mobile and on safari.

Yesterday i found my old iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 9.3.3, the IFC website worked well yesterday, but for some reason today, after refreshing the page, the website seems to be all messed up. I checked my main device to see if this was in general but no, everything was fine on the other, I’ve tried restarting my phone, clearing safari history and website data but it didn’t work.

PS: other discourse communities are showing up fine.

I will provide some screenshots below so you see what im talking about


Make sure you got a stable internet connection, maybe disconnect any VPN and then reload the website. Maybe even clear the Cache in your phone settings.

And #meta is correct, @Patel2000 😊

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I am sorry don’t know

Does the same happen if you force load a desktop version of the website on your device?

@Marc I’m sure it’s not my internet connection as it loads fine in my other devices, and I’m actually not using any vpns

@Kirito_77 the website doesn’t seem to change at all

I’m not entirely fluent in the iOS apps, but are there any alternative web browsers such as chrome or edge you can download to see if the issue persists?


You might also try it on a different internet service like Google Chrome. You must also find a way to restart your device/system or Safari.

Both Chrome and Edge require iOS 10 or later so i think I’ll have to update my device to the latest.

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Hello, this happened to me once. Just refresh the page and it should be OK.

I’ve tried refreshing multiple times now, i just hope that I won’t need to factory reset the phone…

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Also sorry if this sounds rude… You said you “found my old” iPhone 6… Implying that you’re using a much newer phone if I’m correct?

I wouldn’t think this a massive issue if that’s a case. May just be that your phone needs updating. 6 goes up to iOS 10-11 right?

Yes, I’ve just had it for a while so I haven’t updated it at all since then, it should go up to iOS 12 at the max.

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I’ve found the solution, it seems that simply clearing the RAM solves the issue, but it was pretty weird nonetheless, thanks anyway for trying to help me.


This happens to me some times. Only on slow devices on my like my computer. Usually refreshing the page worked for me but I guess that was not the case for you.