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I am in the process of starting a new VA called Kestrel Airways and am looking to “hire” somebody to create a website for it. I’ll give full detials once we have spoken about the project and there will a job for you within the VA should you wish to stay on. I believe I have a concept that is different to anything else and could really take off on IF. If you’re interested then PM me or reply to this thread, I’m looking for the VA to really stand out hence me asking for help with this and once this is up and running we will register with Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board and work towards being the number one VA on IF.

Do you want a proper hosted website, or weebly etc?

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Can you please PM me? I’d like to know some details please.

Weebly or similar ideally. Something easy to edit as will need daily updates

Oh, okay, cool.

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Can you Help at all, I know we spoke the other day but im really no good at this sort of thing?

Sorry, I can’t atm. Weebly is very simple to use, I recommend you try it out.

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Ok thanks for advising me.

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Try nad create a more descriptive title while youre at it ;)


Will do next time. Oh and its and create by the way not [quote=“Infinite.flight, post:10, topic:80851”]
nad create
[/quote] ;)

I now believe I have found the help needed, however should this change I will update my post.

Grammar got me ;) thanks for being so awesome bud. Best of luck from your friendly Frontier VA!

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You to mate, there should be plenty of possibilities for us to work with you once we are up and running so when we are I’ll be in touch.

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