Website Creator

Hey. I’m Victor and I’ll create you and your VA a website, free of charge.
I do this out of goodwill and simply want to help the community, as I notice some VA’s websites are incomplete, not working, or not user-friendly.
I can not create a custom domain as that would cost money to host.
I can do many styles, and keep you updated.
Feel free to message me and contact me!

Here is an example of my work :


Do you have any samples of your work?

This is very nice of you to do things like this on the community! :)


Of course. I’ll edit my original post later with some samples. Stay tuned!

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Updated with an example of my work.

You’re just using Weebly?

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It’s a paid subscription.
So there’ll be no ads, etc.
I tend to prefer using it to HTML due to time and the UI.
I can use HTML if required.

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Wow awesome, good job. Very cool to see people helping each other out with website creation!

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