Website creation for Infinite Flight Emirates

Can anyone make my airline a website as i have a youtube channel and i would like to have my own website for my airline if anyone can please let me know if you could possibly make me a website

Something similar as the real one please

Cheers guys

I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at here.

If you’re trying to build a virtual airline, unfortunately, Emirates is banned due to copyright, but there is Dubai Virtual.

If you’re just trying to get someone to build you a website, well, this is probably not the place for it if it isn’t IF-related. Booking software is not exactly easy to go about making, for what it’s worth.

I know i have a youtube channel i want to start a virtual airline how ever

In that case, if you’re seeking IFVARB approval, you will need to explore other options. As I mentioned, Emirates is banned due to copyright, and its replacement is active. I would refer to in researching.

To add onto this, you must be TL2 in order to apply for a VA. You are currently TL1.

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Ok I will try to make one